Monday, October 10, 2005

Playlist Club reviews Numark iPod DJ mixer

We have exclusively got hold of the Numark iDJ iPod dj mixer, and will be posting a full review for digital DJs on the Playlist Club website within days (sorry). Early evidence points to a robust product suitable for a live environment, though the knobs are a little flimsy. It delivers excellent sound quality, its gain, volume, bass and treble controls are immaculate - the device delivers the sound you need. It also has a built-in capacity to cue tracks, which makes for a much better live mixing experience. While a few features seem absent, overall we are very excited by the product. Playlist club's house DJ Lisa Rocket (the world's first professional female iPod DJ) is creating some wicked mixes right now. We'll keep you posted. The next UK Playlist takes place October 13, with the next US event scheduled for November 7. Check back soon for more.


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